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I have been a returning client since 2012.  Dr. Hunt and his staff are amazing.  Scheduling appointments is very convenient and the customer service is impressive.  Dr. Hunt is the "Patch Adams" of the chiropractic field and always puts a smile on your face with his jovial temperament.

Although it's never a pleasure to sustain injuries, Hunt Chiropractic is an environment that certainly makes the process easier.  Dr. Hunt and his staff submit status reports and updates to attorney's expeditiously which helps the lengthy process of litigation move along faster.  

Sharon, the massage therapist is knowledgeable and very helpful.  She is dedicated to client recovery and really helps the client to reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce pain, purge toxins from the body and
improve flexibility.

I highly recommend this practice if you are looking to be treated like a client that matters instead of just a dollar figure.


  • Mercedes T.
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    Sharon is the best with the massages. This place is an awesome place to get healed after a car accident. They do everything to get you better! Thank you Dr Hunt

  • Chana C.
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    Such a great chiropractor and excellent staff ,make sure to book the Appointment ahead

  • Tone T.
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    My first time coming was the best experience I've ever had I highly recommend Sharon! She was amazing very professional she explained everything as she was going I feel ten times better after my massage

  • Maritza S.
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    I've been going for the past two weeks and I love it here. I was in a car accident and the law firm handling my case referred me here. The doctor is super funny and friendly; the staff is very nice. They have been able to accommodate me with my work schedule, I love it here!

  • Francisco D.
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    Doctor is great and massage therapist are nice and professional. Staff is nice and friendly. I usually get massage and adjustments which works out great.

  • Josue A.
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    Have been adjusted up to five/six times and its made a huge difference for my chronic back pain. Dr. Hunt is really helpful in making a difference
    His receptionist are also very helpful

  • Joshua V.
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    Bill Murray Is the Best, i mean Dr.Hunt. Great Chiropractor, small talk, brief, to the point, busy clinic, but they get the Job done.

  • Celia A.
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    5.0 star rating

    Been coming here for a while and never had a bad experience. From the office staff to the masseuse to the dr. They are all great. I started coming here after a car accident I had and I'm glad I did. They've helped a lot.

  • Fa A.
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    I've been coming here now for years and have nothing bad to say they always take me even if I don't have an appointment the staff is very befriendly and attentive

  • Eric R.
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    My experience here was great! Dr. Hunt is worth the visit alone! He's very funny (funny ha ha, not funny weird). I was referred here by someone who said she couldn't walk and had to be carried in, but after three or four sessions she was good. I tweaked my lower back and had trouble walking, bending, and was in a lot of pain, but after my adjustment my pain was greatly reduced, and I was walking better. I'm a big guy and the fact that he was able to adjust me was very impressive (a true professional). Like Dr. Hunt says " have realistic expectations ." I will be coming back and referring Dr. Hunt.

  • Scoobie K.
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    These negative reviews are ridiculous. Dr. Hunt is absolutely amazing.  I have been referring him business for about 2 years now and all my clients absolutely rave about his services.  Thank you Hunt Chiro! you guys are great!